Saturday, December 17, 2005


I appear to be at loose ends right now. I wrote a letter to a client, a person who has sought advice and encouragement from me over time. The guides, just now, offered a bit to him and I would include it here because the advice is good for many who are facing hard times:

Seek the rhythms that throb beneath the surface of all of your everyday activities. Know that even in the tough times there are chords of silver and gold that thrum, that vibrate beneath and behind every thought you have, every activity you undertake. It is noticeable if you were to compare a very, very bad guy with a very, very good guy. The bad guy has discordance that lies behind his smile, so that even when he is trying to be good he cannot help but be bad and seek to undermine others in his way. So, too, the good guy, yourself, if you will, a shining light of optimism in the face of adversity. Fan that light to a steady flame and open your heart to those around you. They will come to you. Our blessings this wondrous season.

Today, as soon as the light comes up which ought to be in about 20 minutes, will be laundry, vacuuming and lots of baking. My plans are to create 7 or 8 Christmas packages of brownies and cookies over the weekend to give to the folks where I work and for Dennis to take to his work.

Dennis is having an accident-prone day today. He walked by the clothes tree and it fell over. It was full and did need to be picked so we either hung up or tossed into the laundry all the clothes that were hanging on it. Then, he fixed a supporting ring that had been dislodged and up-righted it. I told him he should have hollered, “Timber” as it came crashing down. Then, he motioned to a pair of his pants that I’d slung over the exercise bike. He said, “What about these?” I said leave them there because I needed to iron them. He said, “They’ve been here 3 weeks!” I said, with a frosty edge to my voice, “Yes, I’m aware of that.” Ironing is just not one of my favorite things to do. As he put the pants back on the bike he knocked off the plastic gizmo that covers the control panel. That’s when he said, “What’s wrong with me?” That’s when I went into the study to check his biorhythms. They are mostly okay; totally high 3 days ago and on a downward trend right now, but still in the upper half of his chart. Nothing really odd there. Then, he walked into the study and as he passed the vase of flowers one of them fell off. That’s when I told him to stay home today and do whatever shopping he’d thought of doing for books tomorrow. Too many portents to ignore.

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