Sunday, December 11, 2005


Well, I really don’t know what happened, but in the last post the size of the type got to be slightly larger than what is normally done here. Don’t get me wrong…I like it better. But, I’d like to know what I did. I’ve been tweaking the blog today again. Little things, but to a Virgo they mean a lot. Like things were centered and didn’t look right off in the side margins. Also, the titles were too small. I’d been trying to find the appropriate “switches” in the code of the template that controlled that. Inadvertently, I might have changed something else. Time will tell. Actually, this post will tell too once I get it up onto the blog.

The day was very productive for me. I got three articles cranked out for the next newsletter. That, Dear Readers, is phenomenal for Pauline. If anybody wants to subscribe to it I put a form for folks to use off in the side margin here on the blog. The final thing will be to finish up enough of Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention”, to do a review on it. The last thing I read this afternoon were his instructions to close my eyes and imagine. That did it for me. I had a nice nap. I swear sometimes I have trouble meditating. I guess that’s why they say don’t do it lying down.

I also discovered that Talking To Spirit wasn’t showing up well at all with Netscape. I don’t know what made me look today, but it was pretty terrible. I was able to discover that it was one of the Google ads that was fouling things up and I removed it on all 435 odd pages. That took awhile to upload. Thank goodness for DSL.

My husband and his friends, Karl and Eric, are at present out in the living room and have been there for the last 7 hours working on a book about San Francisco. I’ve made a few forays out there, but they have just been industrially working away at it. Now, though, I think they’re getting tired. I went out to clean up the kitchen and feed the cats. Fluffy Drawers came in and made some comments about the extra company, but other than that I think she’s settling down. Mattie and Samantha are nowhere to be seen. I figure they’ll show up sooner or later. Shelby and I spent the day together. I wanted to take a picture of the guys…it was like Command Central with Karl and Eric on their lap tops and Dennis at his computer, but my battery was low. So, that’s charging, but I didn’t get a picture. Dennis did, though. Maybe I can wheedle it out of him. Karl took the photographs for the book and they are absolutely spectacular. Together they are writing the chapters and the cut lines for the pictures. Chrysalis Books in London approached them and asked if they’d do the book. This is the same publisher who did, “East Bay – Then and Now”. My husband the author!

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