Sunday, December 18, 2005

Your Journey - Channelled

Ask yourself what the things are that drive you.  Whether the place you are driven to is one of despair or discord or the place is one of success and creativity.  Do you think that you are just basically a person who cannot achieve success or one who is forever unlucky in some or all areas of your life?  

There are several different things at work.  One is to take the journey from one made in an unconscious fashion to one that is made with deliberation and in a totally conscious state of mind.  The other is to allow the journey to go from one of deliberation to that of unconsciousness.  Another concept to consider is that you cease to consider yourself a victim and begin to consider your place in the universe as one that is special and unique.

Taking the journey from one of unconsciousness to that of deliberation:  When you have no map how can you even expect to get where you want to go?  Have in your mind the steps you need to take, even if it is the steps you think you need to take to get to a particular goal.  These steps will, more than likely, change as you make progress toward your goal and the goal itself might even change as you near it.  

Taking the journey from that of deliberation to that of unconsciousness:  When you behold the work of a renowned artist you look upon a person who spent many years learning his or her craft.  Once the preliminaries were out of the way they could begin the process of tapping into their hearts.  In a sense their journey was deliberate and then became unconscious.  Many people fear to look into the secrets of their hearts.  

When you learn to dance you watch your feet.  You are hesitant.  You step upon the toes of your partner.  But, after you have practiced the moves, after your muscles know what is required of them you can relax and put yourself on automatic pilot and allow the spirit of the dance to come forth.

In each instance the work done at the height of the person’s knowledge of craft is their own.  But, they have tapped into their hearts, the great unknown, the universe in a deliberate fashion and allowed creative energy to begin to flow through into their art.

So, you have identified your goal.  You have identified the steps you feel you need to take to get there.  You have determined that you must pay particular attention for the beginning of the journey and you know as you develop mastery over your subject that you can relax a bit and begin the process of using the skills you have learned in a creative manner to produce something.  

What though about the undercurrents in your life that drive you?  What if you have some sort of pain in your heart that does not allow you to achieve success?  That will somehow step in-between you and your goal time after time to wreck havoc and tear you away from your intention?  This is where you stop feeling like a victim.  These unconscious traits you have can be identified and changed.  It will be necessary for you to look at yourself with a critical eye, with an unflinching eye.  It will require you to be courageous for these things typically happened to you as a child and at a time when you were most vulnerable.  This is where having a trained psychotherapist at your side would be of help, though there is much of this journey that you can do on your own.  

This part of your journey will typically be a lengthy one.  You will, more than likely, only be able or willing to work upon a part of it at any given point in time.  But, that is okay.  You work and heal and go on with your life until you reach a place of pain again.  Either the pain or undesirable trait comes back again gradually or it is triggered by some other event.  However it comes back it is your job to recognize that it is time for you to immerse yourself once again in the process of psychological healing.

So, does your journey towards mastery involve different elements.  Taken apart and then put back together again the journey begins to make sense rather than being the meandering path you had been on before.

Our blessings and have a good trip.

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