Monday, January 30, 2006

Time's Up

Periodically, when there’s no time left, I get this intense surge of energy.  Like right now.  I’ve got 4 minutes left before I need to be heading out the door to go to work and I want to blog, I want to go search for a couple of websites to exchange links with for Talking To Spirit and I want to start on all those things I didn’t do over the weekend.  Now, why is that?  It isn’t that I don’t like my work.  Hell, I’ve been there 16 years.  Maybe I’m bored by it.  No, that isn’t it.  I’ve got a wonderful check writing program to work on today.  I’m resentful that I need to leave a whole half an hour earlier than I used to just because our lunch time requirement needs to be met.  It was my own fault.  Half of the guys aren’t doing it the right way.  But, I felt the office needed to be an example and I’m it.  Okay, so I’m ticked off.  So what?  Who cares?  Nobody.  What to do about it?  Go to bed earlier and get up earlier so I can use that wonderful surge of energy to do the things I want to do before I go to work.  Okay, now it’s 7:30 and I really need to go.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Art of Happiness at Work

Oh, this is fabulous. I’m downloading a copy of the audio book for, “The Art of Happiness at Work” by the Dali Lama and Howard Cutler. I’m checking it out from I’ll have access to it for three weeks. If I’m not finished with it by then I can renew it. I’m saving it to my desktop. It doesn’t cost anything. I became a member of via my own public library, though I’d imagine you could go directly to them and ask how to get started checking out e-books and audiobooks.

They’ve got 5,114 e-books to check out in addition to 1,134 audiobooks. This particular recording of, “The Art of Happiness at Work” is available in CD quality with a download time of 8 minutes for DSL hookup or 4 hours with a 56K modem. If you elect to download the radio quality recording time is 1 minute for DSL and 33 minutes for a 56K modem. The entire recording is about 6 hours long.


I’m reading Nora Roberts again. I truly enjoy her books. Anyway, this one is, “Montana Sky”, the story of 3 women drawn together for the first time in their lives upon the death of their SOB father. He left them a huge ranch and they’ve got to work it together for a year. Great story. Lots of romance, mystery and hot and sweaty.

The other thing I’m doing is writing a program. This one will be in Access and will be a simple check writing program. None of the programs we looked at ever did exactly what we wanted them to do. They were either too simple or too fancy. So, I’m writing it. And, the major win yesterday was to discover the little number converter function from Microsoft that would translate numbers into words for purposes of writing on a check and get it to work properly. It’s a nice challenge and keeps me sharp. I’m just taking it slowly. Brought it home to think about over the weekend. At work, most times, it’s just too hectic and harried to devote the time and thinking you need to go into the create mode.

Friday, January 27, 2006


It's on my mind that I might never be able to figure out what I did to the line spacing with the archives and recent posts on this blog. So, it might be a case of going back to the drawing board and creating a new look. I still would need to figure out how to reinstall the BlogRoll. That appears to come in two pieces of code. Anyway, that's the only thing stopping me now. In any case, I went to Microsoft to see what kinds of new downloadable clipart they've got and spent some time picking out a bunch. It's all free folks. Have fun. I sure did.

I have never understood how to fix pictures and text. Maybe this is a good time to give it a try.

Yikes…Nobody said I couldn’t use the blog as a post it note.  I’m always making notes to myself and I’m always losing them.  Anyway, I don’t want to forget about  I was looking for pressure cooker recipes this morning that I could import into my Master Cook Recipe collection program.  Whamo.  You can find anything here, I think.  Yeah, what a resource!  For just about anything, it looks like.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Put Your Big Girl Pants On

One of my husband’s favorite tv shows is, “The First 48”.  It’s about the first 48 hours after the commission of a crime that are so important for the detectives to solve the crime and catch the bad guys.  One of the detectives just showed a card her mother had given her that she saved and looks at occasionally.  It said, “Stop crying, put your big girl pants on and deal with it.”  I love it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oops! Your Slip is Showing

Well, hell.  This is like constructing an A-line skirt in Home Ec and then forgetting to take all the tailor tacks out.  All the chalk marks.  All the pins are still in.  We’re not finished yet, Folks, and she’s wearing it already!  Yikes.  Anyway, I’m still working on the blog.  We may have a totally redesigned one before the week is out.  In the meantime, please forgive me for my tailor tacks.

Something Psychic

The psychic things that have happened to me in the last week:  I awakened this morning just after 2am with the chorus of, “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” by Stevie Wonder ringing in my ears.  I didn’t realize it until I’d been up for a couple of minutes and stood there in front of the bathroom mirror humming it to myself.  The Guides and Folk in Spirit have all sorts of ways to talk to us.

The other thing that happened at work recently wasn’t anything too earth shattering, but it was pretty interesting.  I was unloading mail and invoices from one of our sites and, done, was just folding the envelope in half to send back to the guys.  Seth said, “Not yet.  Look inside.”  I did and saw that I’d forgotten to fish out two invoices we needed to pay.

Aw.  There was something else, but I’ve forgotten what it was.  Maybe I’ll remember later.  

Yesterday, once again I tried to find where I’d fouled up the html code in my template for this blog to show the recent posts and archives as single space.  Then, I had the really brilliant idea (it’s a good thing I don’t drink anymore or I’d be even more dangerous) to start fresh with the template and just piece it back together again.  Thank goodness I had the foresight to make a copy of it, pasting the whole page of code into a word document.  That’s what you’re looking at now because not only could I not track down where I needed to make a change I couldn’t put the thing back together again.  

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Thought it was a Good Idea

I heard there are programs out there that count your keystrokes. After you’ve reached a pre-determined number your keyboard shuts down and won’t allow you to work for a little bit. An enforced rest. It’s to help combat instances of carpel tunnel syndrome.

I just had an idea. I tend to sit at my key board for hours on end. Then, when I get up I have trouble until I get the kinks out and can move easily again.

How’s about if you had a chair pad with a vibrator in it? It’s on a timer and every hour it buzzes you. This is your reminder to stand up. Sort of like a timer on a whoopee cushion. Except it doesn’t make farting noises. It just wakes up your buns.

Setting the Stage to Develop Second Sight – Channeled Information

Do clothes make the man? Do props influence, in any way, the finished product? Why not? If a cute pair of shoes make your step a little perkier they have, indeed, changed the way you look.

Having an uncluttered environment, or at least the area immediately in front of you, might be the edge you need on a day when the writing comes hard to help to wring a bit more inspiration from your fevered brow. Having at hand, not in the way, but within your immediate area a special stone or flower is enough to change the vibrations that surround you. You give off vibrations, but you also are sitting in the midst of a thousand other vibrations. The monitor before you, the keyboard, the mouse at your side, the cat who comes to visit occasionally, the light, the chair you sit in and the desk in front of you. All these have vibrations.

It’s like a shirt you only like to wear when you are in a certain mood. Say, you don’t feel your best and there is a special shirt you wear on those days. Somehow wearing it just makes you feel better. It might be the weave of the cloth, it might be memories associated with the garment. Whatever is involved, you feel better when you wear it.

Many times people take medicine when they have a complaint. You can do this too; with application of music, color and form. You can put some special music on, listen and lose yourself in it. You can put a special stone from your collection in your pocket to carry around for that day. You can place a flower on your desk. You can select the perfect marker to use to make some notes. You can apply a small amount of fragrance to your wrists.

You can say a prayer. You can set the stage. You can give yourself an edge in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. Be brave. Think positive thoughts and have at your side those things you think might help you to succeed.

What would make you choose one thing to have at your side over another? Do you make a considered study of what it is that you will place upon the altar of your day or do you go quickly with a first instinct sort of gut feeling decision? What you might do is to try both sorts of methods. These are very small and seemingly inconsequential ways of influencing your own personal endeavors, but as a person becomes what is termed a sensitive it actually doesn’t take much to affect them.

For instance, a psychic detective. This is a person who would investigate crimes. That’s what detectives do. They place themselves squarely into the psychic vibrations of a crime. They feel and sense, see and hear the things that happened to someone who died. How is it that a psychic detective can sense these things and most people cannot? Who is to say that you cannot? Maybe you only have an uneasy feeling? That’s as far as those vibrations were allowed to penetrate your awareness. Had you had an inkling that the uneasiness you felt as you walked through a house might possibly be related to something that had happened there a long time ago and, more importantly, been interested enough to pursue this line of inquiry, you would then turn your attention toward being able to sense and possibly interpret the information so that it made sense to you. Sometimes a person is born with these abilities. Sometimes these abilities will develop so slowly and gradually that when the person reaches their majority they have the adult sense of reason that they can accept their gifts and use them easily to the benefit of others.

However, the majority of people will come to this awareness later in life and be unprepared, so to speak, for the implications and for the things that happen. Fear in large part will block this development. If you say a prayer and express a willingness to explore these unknown reaches the voices of the dead will not frighten you.

To develop this second sight a person might ask they be shown the visions of the dead, visions that do not include terror, or pain or means of death. People die all the time. Not all of those deaths are of a violent nature. Think of someone you knew personally who is now passed on. Just think of them. Hold their image in your mind. Ask them silently if they would help you a little bit with this second sight development. Ask that they show you a little of their life experience.

It is the unknown that you fear. Were you to see what it is like for everyone, regardless of how they died, to see the time they pass you would not be afraid. It is light. It is calmness. It is an awareness of more. It is the taste in your mouth of the most satisfying meal you ever ate. It is the peace you feel looking at a sunrise coming softly into the bay. It is a sea breeze blowing. It is peace. It is with love that people move into the next stage of living.


The usual things for the weekend are lining up this morning for consideration. Largest on the hit parade of things to do is to reconcile the checkbook. Next is laundry and the ironing I never seem to get around to. I need to cut out business cards for 2 folks at work, which needs to be done early on because my back just can’t take it later on in the day. I really, really need to get my next article done for my newsletter. I should pay attention to the folks who want reciprocal links for the helpself directory and lastly, the one I think I’ve bitten off a chunk too large with is to start editing my book.

Instead, all I want to do is read the library book I checked out by Linda Lael Miller, “McKettrick's Choice”. One of my own fears, and it is a large one, with writing is that I would write drivel. The guides pointed out to me this morning as I was reading and thinking envious thoughts that I didn’t like to read drivel and the likelihood of me writing it, or at least allowing it to remain on the page, wouldn’t be too great. Of course, drivel could be one of those subjective things…it’s not drivel to one person, but drivel to another.

The drivel I wrote before languishes under the bed. And, yet, as awkward as that writing was, as forced as it was in places, that book holds a place in my heart as my, “first born”. I don’t have children. I was thinking about it last night as I do many times and will probably do so until the day I die. But, I thought a long time ago that my books would be my children. Except I don’t have any of those either. Just the one that never made it past manuscript pages in a box under my bed. Does an unpublished manuscript qualify as a book? Well, probably a lot of people would say not. But, I do.

That’s the book where I learned how characters can come to life. I learned what it feels like to have a plan, an itinerary for the book and how the characters can just start doing their own thing deviating from the plan, and yet, it all comes out right in the end. I learned what it feels like to have a writer’s high, very much like a runner’s high, where you’ve attained a meditative state doing something you love to do, where you’ve lost all track of time and are surprised to see when you rouse yourself 15 minutes later that 2 hours have passed on by.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Free Email Courses about

Holy Cow.  I just ran across a huge listing of free email courses.  On just about any subject you could think of.  I signed up for some lessons on beading.  It’s something that I’ve been interested in for some time, but, like when I learned how to crochet and I taught myself it has just taken too long.  So, a weekly lesson ought to get things moving along.

Waves of Love A Guided Meditation

Close your eyes (after you’ve read this) and imagine that you are relaxed. Relax as much as you choose to now as you sit in your chair, but in your head, in your imagination really relax. Imagine how you feel when you stretch out upon your bed and have no where pressing or in particular that you need to go. Time to take a nap. Just relax. Stretch your legs and wiggle your toes. Ease your mind. Not thinking about anything in particular. Just relaxing. Drifting.

Knowing that everything that happens to you has a point, open your heart to love. This doesn’t mean someone will be knocking on your door in the next 5 minutes with flowers in hand. It just means that you are lowering a few defenses. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be involved in a torrid affair next week. It means you are relaxing and allowing the “real” you out for a minute or so.

However you imagine this to be, picture a bit of the wall that surrounds your heart to start crumbling. You see, in your mind’s eye, a ray of light that shines through a chink of this crumbling wall. You are safe. You are calm. You are curious. You are at peace. You are relaxed. Love is out there in undulating waves. It’s the glue that holds the universe together. Love.

Imagine that you are deserving of love. There is no reason in the world why you can’t receive a whole bunch of love. It’s like you are an infant. And, you just soak up love. You open your eyes and what you see is the face of a loving adult. And, all you know is love.

Now that you’ve set the stage allow whatever impressions are there to come to you. Know that whatever image comes to mind is the image your higher self has determined is the best for you to see right now. It might be a sudden memory that you have. It might be a sudden wash of emotion that flows over you. It might be somebody you’ve never seen before who comes forward to say hello to you. And, it might happen that someone you love who has died takes the opportunity to stop by and say hello.

When you are ready you merely open your eyes and you will be back with us.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Last night and very early this morning I worked on an unexpected project. All along I've been building up my links and resources pages at Talking To Spirit. They number 69 now and I have plans to make even more as time goes by. Except, now that there are so many pages the listing of said pages was sort of getting out of hand. I solved it, sort of, by having a table on my main page, but once you were at one of the inner pages you couldn't go visit another one unless you traveled back to my main page. Definately not real user friendly. Even I got irritated at it, but I couldn't figure out what to do about it. Yesterday, I stumbled across this really incredible website. I wanted to include it in my links, but there wasn't a category for Travel until I made a new page yesterday. By the way, this is the website that started it all:

So, as I sat here looking at how large my links section had gotten it occurred to me that having a drop down menu was the answer. I tried to create one with my Coffee Cup software, but could not figure out how to make it work right. Then, I just went to Google and found somebody who had posted the code for a simple drop down menu. Voila. I added all my pages, fiddled with the colors and so we have: Well, no we don't have. For whatever reason the code won't work here. It works okay on my website, but not here. So, if you're inclined to look at it, you can see it on my psychics page.

Other plans for the weekend? Write 3 articles for the February newsletter. I got up...sheesh...I think it was 2:00 am and wrote 2 of them. One is a guided meditation which I thought was way cool. I'll post them later today once I have the third one done. Other than that 2 loads of laundry are underway and I've got 3 weeks' worth of shirts to iron. I've been wearing wrinkled ones all week, but figure nobody can tell if I keep my sweater on all day. At least, nobody has said anything. Maybe they're just being polite.

I went looking on the web for a picture to illustrate the fact that I plan to busy myself ironing today and discovered there is actually a sport called Extreme Ironing. Go figure. These folks even go underwater to iron.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Get a Job

And, another two more knowingness things that happened.  One just now was that as I got up and visited the facilities, and as I flushed the commode I thought to myself that it wasn’t going to fill right.  It was going to run.  So, I jiggled the handle on the toilet for good measure.  I went into the kitchen.  From there, as I doled out our vitamins for the day and fixed my coffee I could hear the ding donged toilet running through the wall.  It wasn’t stopping.  Just kept on going.  On my way back through the house I stopped by the bathroom and jiggled the handle to make the stopper fall so the tank could fill up.

Yesterday I made Dennis coffee.  As I was making it I thought to myself that I wanted to do it right because sure as shooting something would happen that it wouldn’t be pleasing to him.  I thought this as I closed the gizmo holding the filter and the coffee.  Sure did.  He stops by the study later on to ask me how I’d made it.  I said I’d put three heaping scoops in (he likes it real strong).  Well, it was real strong.  Turns out the filter paper did go cockeyed and the edge folded slightly allowing coffee grounds to get out and make it into his cup.  Sludge.  He threw out what I’d made and prepared another cup of coffee for himself.

These are minor things.  These are really little things and in the course of life don’t really amount to a hill of beans.  But, to a psychic?  

I really don’t want to give psychic readings.  People are afraid of psychic readings.  At least, my neighbor is.  I can channel.  Yeah, I’m good at that.  That, to me, is as easy as falling off a log.  But psychic readings?  The kind where somebody says to you, “Be aware that if you were to keep your dog close to hand during the course of the day today you will meet a loving stranger.”  Baloney.  The way I look at it the loving stranger and you are going to meet regardless of whether you’ve got your dog with you or not.  It’s like water runs downhill.  It’s gonna happen.  It might be diverted by a log or a pile of leaves, but eventually water is going to run downhill.  So, too are you going to meet your stranger and whether I say anything about it to you or not is not going to change that.

What I could do, though, is to try and help you to stop worrying about stuff.  I’m an expert at worrying.  I can take some situation apart and reconstruct it a million different ways and what did it get me?  Lots of time thinking about something that ought to be water under the bridge and let’s move on folks, life is waiting.  So, as far as worrying whether you are going to get that job?  Don’t worry about it.  Think about it, yes.  Plan for it, yes.  Do what  you think you need to do to get the job, yes.  But, stop, at some point thinking about it.  When it comes to the time that they’re going to be deciding about who gets the job?  Stop thinking about it.  Release it.  You’ve done all you can.  Then, if you get it, good job.  If  you don’t get the job move on.  Don’t stop and try to figure out where you went wrong.  Just move on.  You got what you were supposed to get and the effort you spent in trying to get a new job was not wasted.  That energy went out there to start movement for you.  On a psychic level.  On a personal level.  That’s where two or three weeks down the road after your failed attempt to get a job you meet this person in the hardware store, just by chance.  This person is at the counter paying for their purchase and you have just completed your own.  You pause at the counter to stuff everything back into your purse and overhear the cashier say something that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  The cashier says to the lady, “Oh, by the way, has anyone answered your ad?”  You, being the bright individual you are, stop and say, “What ad?” And, you get a job.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I can’t tell the difference between a bad thing going to happen and something I’m afraid of happening. The check engine light came on yesterday. It was on all day. Or, at least when I drove the car to and from work. But, the odd psychic thing about it all is that two days prior to the light coming on I had the feeling that it was going to come on. I didn’t remark about it at the time because I’m always worried about one thing or the other. But, it happened. It’s not the first time. So, what do I have to do to get to where I “know” something is coming from a psychic knowingness and isn’t just me blathering about being worried about something.

Last weekend I woke up early. But, I lay there in bed thinking how nice it was not having to get up and I decided to just go back to sleep. Except, I wanted to savor the feeling and, so I began to drift slowly into sleep. Blammo…I’ve got no peripheral vision and I’m looking as if my hands were cupped around my eyes, like you do when you’re a kid and you make your hands into binoculars. And, I was looking at the tan inside of a van. The night before we’d been watching a show on Court TV that featured an armored car robbery. The guards were kidnapped. Both were killed. I think I was “seeing” the van they were in. I was so startled that I jerked myself out of it. If there’s something I do not want to see is somebody’s dying moments. I may have. I wasn’t frightened by it. Lots of things I don’t want. Higher self generally does not give a rat’s ass about what you want or don’t want. I guess I should be grateful that I wasn’t frightened.

When I began doing past life regressions most of what I was seeing involved death bed scenes. And, they weren’t always in a bed. One I recall was a body that swung around and around. I’d been hung. Another, via a Reiki healing, was me with head off about 15 feet to the right on a battlefield. Anyway, it was all pretty gruesome. It was getting to the point were I didn’t want to do past life regressions anymore. Seth said to me that there were a couple of things going on. He said I was “attracted” to what I feared. I was afraid of dying, hence I attracted scenes of death. Also, he said there is a great deal of energy associated with death and when somebody who is unaccustomed to doing this sort of thing is out there what they are going to pick up on first is the larger energy. Also, he said that there are moments of happiness in everyone’s lives. He said I should concentrate on that. Ask to see a happy moment of a prior lifetime. It worked. I remember once a sort of bittersweet vision. Suddenly, I’m up in the air flying and below me is a little boy of 10 years old or so. He’s got blond hair and he’s running with arms outstretched looking up at me. He is my son. I’ve just died. I thought the place I was in was Nebraska in the 1880’s. I can’t confirm any of that. I didn’t get any names. These were just feelings and what I experienced in a vision, in a past life regression. Once I remember a place in Egypt. There were lions wandering around this palatial place. There were lots of people. It was sort of subdued. It was sort of formal. It was just a glimpse. Another one was me as a little boy huddled on a stair. It was cold and it was in the Netherlands. I was hiding. “They” were after me and if they caught me they would put me on a ship and make me work. I didn’t want that to happen. I was hiding.

Hurry Up and Talk Fast

This is where the “mean secretary” comes into play.  Today, we are jumping through hoops.  The bookkeeper has arrived to get our stuff and we aren’t ready.  The mail showed up 10 minutes before he rang the doorbell and we are madly trying to get the last 2 things done so that he can take the stuff away.  I was busy before all that happened with something else.  Face it January is just a horribly busy month.  And, the door bell rings again.  And, it’s these two ladies out there on the stoop wanting to talk to the boss and because he isn’t in they’re going to tell me everything.  And, I interrupted them when the one lady holds up the catalog, fumbling around to find the right page and tells me, “Now, you’ve seen it you can tell him what it looks like.”  I almost blew a gasket.  I wanted to tell her to get a job.  I interrupted her and said, “We’re really busy.  Give me your card and I’ll tell the boss you called.”  Nice and polite.  Quick.  But, I’m sorry, I can’t do, “Nice” anymore.  I’m an office worker.  I work really hard.  And, if you can’t get your blamed act together and act in a professional manner and at least have a photo copy of the sorts of ads you are selling I’m not going to tell you how to do your job.  I doubt they are paid.  They’ve got to be volunteering parents who are out scaring up donations for their school.  I can’t imagine anybody who gets a paycheck would act like that.  Sheeesssh…Kudos to volunteers everywhere, but take it from a really overworked person.  Here’s how you get your foot in the door.

  1. Don’t just show up.  People are busy.  We do not have time to talk to you.

  2. Send a nice letter of introduction with your request.  We will make sure it gets to the boss.

  3. If you call and you don’t get a return phone call it means the boss does not want to talk to you.  He is busy too.  It doesn’t mean they didn’t get the message

  4. For those people who continue to call even though they don’t get a return phone call.  There is a place in Hell for people like you.

I am so pissed off at myself for being an alcoholic because I sure could use a drink tonight.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I don’t want to do much of anything right now. I’m sitting here thinking I ought to be sitting in ye olde sitz bath. Dang hemorrhoids. Ouch. Then, I also need to be making Dennis a cup of tea. I could make me one too. I just need to relax. My back is killing me. Ouch again. I keep thinking about a hot buttered rum, except I don’t drink. Ouch. And, my butt hurts.

Okay, here’s something I thought of at work. You can refer to somebody who doesn’t know what they are talking about as being full of hot air. Except where did the hot air come from and wouldn’t that necessarily mean the guy has the farts? I proposed this theory to JZ this afternoon at work…she wouldn’t look at me. I think she might have been laughing. It actually makes a great deal of sense to me. I mean where did the saying come from anyway? Other than a hot air balloon and I can’t see that there’s any connection at all.

Okay…I’m going to go soak my psychic butt.


Well, I’ve got exactly five minutes before I need to go to work.  Yikes.  And, I want to write here again?  What psychic thing happened to me lately?  Spirit suggested a title for the book: Everyday Channeling.  Except Dennis shot it down and said, “Don’t put channeling in the title.”  So, I’m casting about for a title.  Spirited Spooks.  Snappy and Witty Spook Sayings.  No..get away from spooks.  They’re esteemed guides and teachers.  I could go to Hell for a title like that.  Okay….think….I’ve got to go get an ISBN on my own.  Caf├ępress won’t do it for you.  Lulu will, but you don’t get the store too.  And, I want the store.  Except, I won’t ever be able to sell my own jewelry if I eventually want to….Why did I wait until I have to go to work to start talking about this stuff?  Okay…I’ll pick this up again tonight when I get home.  Maybe something will occur to me.  If I just go with the flow.  Allow intention to become the driving force like Wayne Dyer said…just calm down and chill out.  Maybe it will be okay.  No need to freak out here.  I’m in control.  I have no idea what kerning is.  I’m going to have to learn about typography to do this on my own.  Yikes.  Calm down and go to work.  Right.  

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Time out to attend a memorial service yesterday. It was very nice. I cried. Like I always do. But, it puts a whole different spin on things when you can talk to the deceased. She was a really neat lady. And, as with the other Folk in Spirit I talk to she’s reunited with her husband and one of her sons who pre-deceased her and is doing well, thank you very much. I wonder why I cry like I do. When I know all is well. Maybe it’s because I know about the grieving folks left behind. And, how that can drag on for years. We went to Trader Vic’s afterwards for an exquisite lunch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to say anything of what I know to the family. They are a part of my “other” life. It isn’t for me to say anything anyway. People don’t like it when you suddenly spring on them that they can talk to dead people too. It’s got to be something that they go to on their own. Should they wander by my site or some other medium’s site they’ll find out.

When I got home I worked more on The Book. That’s how I’m thinking of it now. I need to come up with a title for it. My book of channeled readings. So, they’re all sorted out into 11 different chapters and the whole thing has been printed out again, this time on pink paper. The first printing was on yellow. Just to keep them separate. The next task will be to count the readings for each chapter and try to balance them out, though already I see a glaring hole. The channeling I did about animals isn’t even enough to fit one page. It occurred to me that I could move them over to the Right Company chapter and just rename that to Right Company & Friends or just Friends. Or, better yet, move the animals into the Love Chapter. I’ll have to mull it over.

Dennis isn’t feeling well at all. He was a real bear last night. He gets touchy that way when he’s not feeling good. I love him so. I don’t know that people say things like that in these blogs. A cross between your diary and a public soap box. But, for the record. I love my husband of 29 years and it pains me when he’s not feeling well. I’ll have to give him SPT today. That’s Sick Person’s Treatment. Just special treatment.

One of the things that goes on when you become a channel and a medium is that all is revealed. Not all the mysteries of life, but all the hokey things you’ve done that you’re not exactly proud of. You thought Santa Claus saw your every move? Guess what. He’s not alone. Anyway, I was thinking about some of my not so shining moments last night and I think I’ve forgiven myself. But, had I known every single blamed thing I ever did in my life would be noticed? I think I might have reconsidered doing a few of them. Anyway, for what it’s worth…for whoever is reading this…and takes it under consideration…every thought, every bad, nasty, embarrassing, wonderful, loving thought, action, intention you ever had or will have is noticed. I guess if you want to get technical it does get written into ye olde book of Akashic Records some place. The eye opener comes when you first become a medium and your guide wants to discuss some of it. I’m going to turn this over to one of the guides. I’ll put it in bold.

Our blessings. Poor, poor child. Move with new rhythms. More than you ever thought to see or feel. How difficult is it to open your heart to new. Must remember not victim. Can make informed choices. Can be responsible. Doesn’t matter water under the bridge. Ask for forgiveness it is there for you. Take initiative and move forward wherever your path goes. Meet whoever comes to you. Be polite. Our blessings.

Pauline back again. I don’t know who that was. It sounded different to me. Sort of truncated sentences. I’m going to sign off for now and go back to work on my book.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Well, I finally broke down and decided to get systematic about my keywords. The most important one for my site is, “psychic”. Duh. Okay, so I think I had the word psychic 6 times on my home page at Talking To Spirit. That ain’t enough. So, I beefed it up to 22. Then, I decided to pick one of the sites that turned up on the first page with the search word psychic. Those folks have psychic 34 times on their front page. Yikes.

That’s when I decided to get serious about it. I sat here and went through each one of my major pages and counted to see just how many times that particular word showed up. Not many and none. That’s about it. I don’t know when I’m going to do this, but I need to do something to optimize my site for ye olde search engines.

Senior Citizen Bloggers. That’s what I wanted to talk about. I came across a site some time ago and was so very impressed. It’s My Mom’s Blog at: Millie is 80 years old now and she’s just an absolute hoot. I recommend folks have a look. Just a really nice lady.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Burning Love

Even though I haven’t gotten dressed since Friday I still feel that I’ve been accomplishing some productive stuff.  Friday I got a tremendous amount of culling done on the book.  I’m up to #329 now….with just 36 of the daily channeled entries left to go.  That’s nothing when I look at it that way.  Maybe I’ll get that part of the project done today.  The next thing to do will be to physically move each entry to its designated chapter and print the whole thing out again.  Then, a second culling to make sure what I did with the first was okay.  That’s where I see if a chapter is so light it can be excluded or if a chapter is so large it needs to be broken into two.  I’m aiming for 10 chapters.  

I think the next step would be to actually format the book to the size required at CafePress.  I think it was 6x9 inches.  I have a feeling it’s going to be about 200 pages…which feels okay to me.

Yesterday I spent much of the day reading blogs.  There are so many talented people out there.  I began to make a few comments and noticed a few return trips back to this blog.  Interesting.  I didn’t know folks would do that. I also broke down and spent $9 for 1,200 impressions from Blog Clicker.  Blog Explosion has a similar deal, though it’s just a tiny bit more expensive.   It would be nice to get a steady stream of traffic moving to the blog and then on to the website.  That’s one of my goals this year.  Boost traffic.

Thayer – my friend from North Carolina – - said I needed to concentrate on my keywords at my other website, Talking To Spirit.  So, I went through my list of keywords and updated them.  Those are the Meta Keywords not normally seen on anybody’s website, but included at the top of the page when you do a, “view source”.  Then, I went through with the Find function looking to see just how many times had I said the word, “psychic” on my main page.  Which was 5 or 6.  That seemed to be enough, so I went on to start looking at the other pages.  What I don’t know is how many keywords should I be going after?  The Overture Keyword Selector Tool said, “psychic” had been chosen as a search word 608,018 times in November.  I seem to remember him saying I should concentrate more on words or combination of words that had been selected 1,000 to 5,000 times.  I’d have a better chance of being picked up by a search that way.  And, when I did a search for psychic yesterday in Google I didn’t see Talking To Spirit mentioned at all.  Shoot.  I just did a search through 1,000 results for the same thing in Yahoo and the site wasn’t there either.  However, in examining the site that placed 975 on that particular list I actually counted the word, “psychic” 22 times on their main page.  That sounds like over-kill to me.  Maybe I need a different word to work with.

Also, something I’m not too clear on is my list of keywords encompasses interests that span my whole site.  And, that same list appears on every page.  Is that good or is that bad?  I don’t know.  Also, the list is yards long.  So far, I’m only concentrating on one word.  I thought it would be difficult to, “salt” the page with the specified word, but it’s not actually that hard.  It’s like putting makeup on.  You’ve got your face.  Now, you apply lipstick, etc.  Same face…just more stuff on it.  But, cake it with 22 instances of the same word?  I just don’t know about that.

Anyway, I only got as far as looking at a few of the pages.  It was interesting that the piece the guides did on Creativity had exactly zero words for psychic in it.  Well, they did it…I didn’t.  And, salting their work didn’t seem to be right, so I left it alone.  I thought about creating a foreword or an afterword for the piece, but didn’t feel much energy for it.  So, what I ended up doing was put the word psychic into the title of the page.  That’s when I started surfing blogs.  

Maybe I need to analyze some more sites.  I don’t feel right with the word psychic anyway.  But, that’s what I am.  Not a very good one.  I feel more comfortable with the word spiritual.  Except, anybody out there who is a qualified spiritual advisor would shoot me down in a heart beat.  Crap.  Just a nasty tempered psychic secretary.  Who doesn’t drink anymore.  Or smoke.  At least I didn’t have to put those things on my list of resolutions for things I’m quitting this year.

Okay.  Okay.  Maybe I’m not such a good psychic, but I’m a really good channel.  And, a terrific medium.  Zztttt…zzztt….zazzztttt….who’s there?  Elvis.  Really Elvis?  No, Dear, it’s Santa Claus.  Okay, okay.  Elvis.  Yes.   No, it’s Seth…right?  No, it’s Elvis.  I thought you said you were a good channel?  Well, okay, yes I did say that.  So, it’s Elvis.  Should we delete this?  That’s up to you to decide.  Why don’t you put some music on.  You could listen to me singing some hymns.  Ha…good idea.  

So, what are you up to these days?  About 25,000 feet.  You’re teasing me.  Yes.  I am not who I was then, but who I was then is who I will always be.  Come again?  Think about it.  Who you are in body is just a fraction of the you that you are.  That any of you are.  When you listen to my songs you can connect with the body of work that I did when I was in body.  But, I’m not up here singing the same songs I did when I was in on your plane.  I watch lounge acts for fun.  Thank you, but I think I need to take a break.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Talking in Fingers

What I can almost be assured of with this blog is that not too many people read it. Yet, it provides me with an outlet that is valuable. I get to stand upon my soapbox and shout at times. I get to talk about things in what might be a rough manner, a first draft if you will. A way to lay out something I’m thinking about to somehow move it into a better format for a future publication.

What I want to talk about is as a psychic I talk in fingers. It isn’t something I have told many people about. It’s my own system. Others might think that it edges more toward possession. That’s why I don’t talk about it much. Why am I talking about it here? Because I’m thinking about the books I want to write. This is the year I’m going to be most productive. I hope. But, one of those books is going to be a manual on how to channel. And, an important part of it for me, an essential part of it for me personally is talking in fingers.

Here’s how it works: I have given Spirit permission to use my index fingers and my pinkie fingers to talk. My index finger rising up and tapping once means, “Yes”. My pinkie finger rising up and tapping once means, “No”. Simple.

Here’s how it evolved: When I first learned how to channel the very first contact I had with my guide was with the Ouija Board. It was thrilling. It was also very labor intensive. It takes a long time to spell out one word. Try stringing a bunch of them together to make a sentence. Try having a conversation. Luckily, that stage of my channeling didn’t last very long. Within 10 days of using the board I began to “hear” my guide’s voice. Actually, I began anticipating what he was going to be spelling out on the board. I’d have the sentence completed in my head before the planchette had finished moving about on the board.

That’s when I thought I’d gone crazy. On the heels of that thought my guide “said” to me without benefit of the board, “Go outside. I have something important to say to you.” I left the noisiness of my house to go stand out on our front porch and Seth said to me, “You can hear me now.”

However, I couldn’t hear real good. For a few days it was as though someone was standing behind me or beside me speaking. I’d turn and look for them. Seth would say short things. Almost as though he were trying to get my attention. And, if I was busy doing something else the “hearing” I was doing was diluted in some way. I just wasn’t getting the whole message. It was very much like I was sticking my fingers in and out of both ears quickly. You hear it and you don’t. Basically, it was aggravating.

I continued to use the Ouija Board because that was where I could hear better. It was like I was using a bicycle with training wheels on it. But, continuing to use a Ouija Board just ain’t convenient. Especially, if you’re out in public or at work. I had lettered out the alphabet on a piece of paper that I rolled up and stuck in my purse that I used when I was in the car, but even that was awkward. I certainly couldn’t drive and talk to Seth at the same time.

I was compelled to talk to my guide all the time. He had the most fascinating things to tell me and all I wanted to do was to listen to him all day long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. I had a job to go to and stopping to unroll my homemade Ouija Board to have a chat with Seth just wasn’t an option. And, at that point my verbal hearing had begun to change into a more telepathic hearing. It was even more difficult for me to hear. I really had to stop and concentrate on what Seth was saying in order to hear and understand everything he was saying. I missed using the Ouija Board. Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Nope. Hence came talking in fingers. It was a crutch just like the Ouija Board was a crutch and a stage of learning. It occurred to me to wonder just who was moving the planchette about the Ouija Board. It sure wasn’t me. I’d spent over a year trying to get the thing to move. I knew I wasn’t doing it. Well, then who? Must be Seth. My hand was always on the planchette. It didn’t move by itself. Well, if in moving the planchette and my hand is on it, Seth must be moving my hand. Actually, by that time and in grabbing any spare moment to speak with Seth via the Ouija Board it wasn’t always easy to get the planchette going as fast as the understanding was coming to me. So, I pointed. With my finger. And, he moved my pointing finger about the board.

As I was able to hear better and better there would still be that odd few seconds here and there where I sort of lost the thread of him speaking. It was like trying to have one foot in my normal, everyday world and another, at the same time, in this invisible, psychic world. Very awkward. But, I’d get mad at myself and the anger and frustration would totally drown out and foul up the connection. To connect up again I’d have to be quiet and concentrate and try to trance out. Frustration was the watchword of my days then. Until, I asked Seth if he’d be willing to give me the confirmation of a quick Yes or No with my fingers. That settled my butt right down. Satisfied that I was understanding and hearing okay I relaxed.

To this day, 13 years later, I still talk in fingers. People will see me touch my upper chest, just below my throat where either my index finger will lift and tap or my pinkie will move. I use it as my Ouija Board in the absence of any other solid surface, though I will also just let my hand hang at my side where a quick tap of one or the other finger will give me that reassurance I need and can hear in an otherwise noisy existence. I have never explained to anyone why I do that, nor has anyone ever asked.

Where did it come from? It came from the location of the words, “Yes” and “No” on my Ouija Board. Yes is in the upper left corner and No is in the upper right corner. I am right handed. The index finger on my right hand would be nearest to the word, “Yes” on the board and my pinkie finger nearest to the word, “No”. I use both of my hands, though, mostly the right one is my hand of choice. In either case, moving the index finger is always Yes and moving the pinkie finger is always no. It's a kick when they move all of them like you're drumming all of your fingers. That either means, "Maybe" or "Whatever" or "Holy Shit" depending on what the conversation was about.

It’s actually a terrific system. Even now if I’m having a conversation with someone hearing Spirit is sort of hard. It’s like having two people talking to you at once. I can still get the gist of what Spirit has said. Like a really fast message. Caught and received. And, “Did I hear you correctly?” Yes, goes the index finger. Hey, it works.

What I’ve never learned if any other psychic does anything similar. I’ve never heard of it before, though, like me maybe they just haven’t spoken of it.

When I was learning how to channel it was sort of intimated that I would only be talking to Spirit at times I chose to speak with Spirit. Like I could come in for 10 minutes in the morning, another 15 at other times. I’m not like that. It was such a fascinating place for me to be. I’m connected 24/7 and have been for the last 13 years. It’s my life. It’s how I am. It was hard to learn. Took me a good year to get my stride with it, but I was able to hold down a job while I was learning. I’m still at the same company now.

Anyway, we’ve had fun with it. If you are in a good place, a safe place, a place where people won’t come and laugh or criticize you, you can also give Spirit permission to move through you and dance. Or sing. Or just talk. Somebody just suggested I let them do some jumping jacks. Ha. Like, yeah, that’s really going to happen. Ha. Spirit. Bunch of comedians this morning.

Next week we can talk about Talking Toes.

Happy New Year From All of Us.