Monday, January 02, 2006

Burning Love

Even though I haven’t gotten dressed since Friday I still feel that I’ve been accomplishing some productive stuff.  Friday I got a tremendous amount of culling done on the book.  I’m up to #329 now….with just 36 of the daily channeled entries left to go.  That’s nothing when I look at it that way.  Maybe I’ll get that part of the project done today.  The next thing to do will be to physically move each entry to its designated chapter and print the whole thing out again.  Then, a second culling to make sure what I did with the first was okay.  That’s where I see if a chapter is so light it can be excluded or if a chapter is so large it needs to be broken into two.  I’m aiming for 10 chapters.  

I think the next step would be to actually format the book to the size required at CafePress.  I think it was 6x9 inches.  I have a feeling it’s going to be about 200 pages…which feels okay to me.

Yesterday I spent much of the day reading blogs.  There are so many talented people out there.  I began to make a few comments and noticed a few return trips back to this blog.  Interesting.  I didn’t know folks would do that. I also broke down and spent $9 for 1,200 impressions from Blog Clicker.  Blog Explosion has a similar deal, though it’s just a tiny bit more expensive.   It would be nice to get a steady stream of traffic moving to the blog and then on to the website.  That’s one of my goals this year.  Boost traffic.

Thayer – my friend from North Carolina – - said I needed to concentrate on my keywords at my other website, Talking To Spirit.  So, I went through my list of keywords and updated them.  Those are the Meta Keywords not normally seen on anybody’s website, but included at the top of the page when you do a, “view source”.  Then, I went through with the Find function looking to see just how many times had I said the word, “psychic” on my main page.  Which was 5 or 6.  That seemed to be enough, so I went on to start looking at the other pages.  What I don’t know is how many keywords should I be going after?  The Overture Keyword Selector Tool said, “psychic” had been chosen as a search word 608,018 times in November.  I seem to remember him saying I should concentrate more on words or combination of words that had been selected 1,000 to 5,000 times.  I’d have a better chance of being picked up by a search that way.  And, when I did a search for psychic yesterday in Google I didn’t see Talking To Spirit mentioned at all.  Shoot.  I just did a search through 1,000 results for the same thing in Yahoo and the site wasn’t there either.  However, in examining the site that placed 975 on that particular list I actually counted the word, “psychic” 22 times on their main page.  That sounds like over-kill to me.  Maybe I need a different word to work with.

Also, something I’m not too clear on is my list of keywords encompasses interests that span my whole site.  And, that same list appears on every page.  Is that good or is that bad?  I don’t know.  Also, the list is yards long.  So far, I’m only concentrating on one word.  I thought it would be difficult to, “salt” the page with the specified word, but it’s not actually that hard.  It’s like putting makeup on.  You’ve got your face.  Now, you apply lipstick, etc.  Same face…just more stuff on it.  But, cake it with 22 instances of the same word?  I just don’t know about that.

Anyway, I only got as far as looking at a few of the pages.  It was interesting that the piece the guides did on Creativity had exactly zero words for psychic in it.  Well, they did it…I didn’t.  And, salting their work didn’t seem to be right, so I left it alone.  I thought about creating a foreword or an afterword for the piece, but didn’t feel much energy for it.  So, what I ended up doing was put the word psychic into the title of the page.  That’s when I started surfing blogs.  

Maybe I need to analyze some more sites.  I don’t feel right with the word psychic anyway.  But, that’s what I am.  Not a very good one.  I feel more comfortable with the word spiritual.  Except, anybody out there who is a qualified spiritual advisor would shoot me down in a heart beat.  Crap.  Just a nasty tempered psychic secretary.  Who doesn’t drink anymore.  Or smoke.  At least I didn’t have to put those things on my list of resolutions for things I’m quitting this year.

Okay.  Okay.  Maybe I’m not such a good psychic, but I’m a really good channel.  And, a terrific medium.  Zztttt…zzztt….zazzztttt….who’s there?  Elvis.  Really Elvis?  No, Dear, it’s Santa Claus.  Okay, okay.  Elvis.  Yes.   No, it’s Seth…right?  No, it’s Elvis.  I thought you said you were a good channel?  Well, okay, yes I did say that.  So, it’s Elvis.  Should we delete this?  That’s up to you to decide.  Why don’t you put some music on.  You could listen to me singing some hymns.  Ha…good idea.  

So, what are you up to these days?  About 25,000 feet.  You’re teasing me.  Yes.  I am not who I was then, but who I was then is who I will always be.  Come again?  Think about it.  Who you are in body is just a fraction of the you that you are.  That any of you are.  When you listen to my songs you can connect with the body of work that I did when I was in body.  But, I’m not up here singing the same songs I did when I was in on your plane.  I watch lounge acts for fun.  Thank you, but I think I need to take a break.


Last Girl On Earth said...

Your friend was right about leaving comments! If you hadn't left such a nice comment at my blog, I wouldn't have known about your blog. Thanks so much for the linkage. I'll do the same so that I can spend more time over here catching up on your life. Meanwhile, I'd like to wish you a very happy 2006. Good luck with you book and everything else you are doing!

Anji said...

I've never come across your blog before and now I've seen it twice within the last couple of minutes thanks to Blog Explosion and Blog Clicker. I'll be back!