Saturday, January 14, 2006


Last night and very early this morning I worked on an unexpected project. All along I've been building up my links and resources pages at Talking To Spirit. They number 69 now and I have plans to make even more as time goes by. Except, now that there are so many pages the listing of said pages was sort of getting out of hand. I solved it, sort of, by having a table on my main page, but once you were at one of the inner pages you couldn't go visit another one unless you traveled back to my main page. Definately not real user friendly. Even I got irritated at it, but I couldn't figure out what to do about it. Yesterday, I stumbled across this really incredible website. I wanted to include it in my links, but there wasn't a category for Travel until I made a new page yesterday. By the way, this is the website that started it all:

So, as I sat here looking at how large my links section had gotten it occurred to me that having a drop down menu was the answer. I tried to create one with my Coffee Cup software, but could not figure out how to make it work right. Then, I just went to Google and found somebody who had posted the code for a simple drop down menu. Voila. I added all my pages, fiddled with the colors and so we have: Well, no we don't have. For whatever reason the code won't work here. It works okay on my website, but not here. So, if you're inclined to look at it, you can see it on my psychics page.

Other plans for the weekend? Write 3 articles for the February newsletter. I got up...sheesh...I think it was 2:00 am and wrote 2 of them. One is a guided meditation which I thought was way cool. I'll post them later today once I have the third one done. Other than that 2 loads of laundry are underway and I've got 3 weeks' worth of shirts to iron. I've been wearing wrinkled ones all week, but figure nobody can tell if I keep my sweater on all day. At least, nobody has said anything. Maybe they're just being polite.

I went looking on the web for a picture to illustrate the fact that I plan to busy myself ironing today and discovered there is actually a sport called Extreme Ironing. Go figure. These folks even go underwater to iron.

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