Saturday, January 28, 2006


I’m reading Nora Roberts again. I truly enjoy her books. Anyway, this one is, “Montana Sky”, the story of 3 women drawn together for the first time in their lives upon the death of their SOB father. He left them a huge ranch and they’ve got to work it together for a year. Great story. Lots of romance, mystery and hot and sweaty.

The other thing I’m doing is writing a program. This one will be in Access and will be a simple check writing program. None of the programs we looked at ever did exactly what we wanted them to do. They were either too simple or too fancy. So, I’m writing it. And, the major win yesterday was to discover the little number converter function from Microsoft that would translate numbers into words for purposes of writing on a check and get it to work properly. It’s a nice challenge and keeps me sharp. I’m just taking it slowly. Brought it home to think about over the weekend. At work, most times, it’s just too hectic and harried to devote the time and thinking you need to go into the create mode.

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