Saturday, January 21, 2006

Setting the Stage to Develop Second Sight – Channeled Information

Do clothes make the man? Do props influence, in any way, the finished product? Why not? If a cute pair of shoes make your step a little perkier they have, indeed, changed the way you look.

Having an uncluttered environment, or at least the area immediately in front of you, might be the edge you need on a day when the writing comes hard to help to wring a bit more inspiration from your fevered brow. Having at hand, not in the way, but within your immediate area a special stone or flower is enough to change the vibrations that surround you. You give off vibrations, but you also are sitting in the midst of a thousand other vibrations. The monitor before you, the keyboard, the mouse at your side, the cat who comes to visit occasionally, the light, the chair you sit in and the desk in front of you. All these have vibrations.

It’s like a shirt you only like to wear when you are in a certain mood. Say, you don’t feel your best and there is a special shirt you wear on those days. Somehow wearing it just makes you feel better. It might be the weave of the cloth, it might be memories associated with the garment. Whatever is involved, you feel better when you wear it.

Many times people take medicine when they have a complaint. You can do this too; with application of music, color and form. You can put some special music on, listen and lose yourself in it. You can put a special stone from your collection in your pocket to carry around for that day. You can place a flower on your desk. You can select the perfect marker to use to make some notes. You can apply a small amount of fragrance to your wrists.

You can say a prayer. You can set the stage. You can give yourself an edge in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. Be brave. Think positive thoughts and have at your side those things you think might help you to succeed.

What would make you choose one thing to have at your side over another? Do you make a considered study of what it is that you will place upon the altar of your day or do you go quickly with a first instinct sort of gut feeling decision? What you might do is to try both sorts of methods. These are very small and seemingly inconsequential ways of influencing your own personal endeavors, but as a person becomes what is termed a sensitive it actually doesn’t take much to affect them.

For instance, a psychic detective. This is a person who would investigate crimes. That’s what detectives do. They place themselves squarely into the psychic vibrations of a crime. They feel and sense, see and hear the things that happened to someone who died. How is it that a psychic detective can sense these things and most people cannot? Who is to say that you cannot? Maybe you only have an uneasy feeling? That’s as far as those vibrations were allowed to penetrate your awareness. Had you had an inkling that the uneasiness you felt as you walked through a house might possibly be related to something that had happened there a long time ago and, more importantly, been interested enough to pursue this line of inquiry, you would then turn your attention toward being able to sense and possibly interpret the information so that it made sense to you. Sometimes a person is born with these abilities. Sometimes these abilities will develop so slowly and gradually that when the person reaches their majority they have the adult sense of reason that they can accept their gifts and use them easily to the benefit of others.

However, the majority of people will come to this awareness later in life and be unprepared, so to speak, for the implications and for the things that happen. Fear in large part will block this development. If you say a prayer and express a willingness to explore these unknown reaches the voices of the dead will not frighten you.

To develop this second sight a person might ask they be shown the visions of the dead, visions that do not include terror, or pain or means of death. People die all the time. Not all of those deaths are of a violent nature. Think of someone you knew personally who is now passed on. Just think of them. Hold their image in your mind. Ask them silently if they would help you a little bit with this second sight development. Ask that they show you a little of their life experience.

It is the unknown that you fear. Were you to see what it is like for everyone, regardless of how they died, to see the time they pass you would not be afraid. It is light. It is calmness. It is an awareness of more. It is the taste in your mouth of the most satisfying meal you ever ate. It is the peace you feel looking at a sunrise coming softly into the bay. It is a sea breeze blowing. It is peace. It is with love that people move into the next stage of living.

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