Sunday, January 08, 2006


Time out to attend a memorial service yesterday. It was very nice. I cried. Like I always do. But, it puts a whole different spin on things when you can talk to the deceased. She was a really neat lady. And, as with the other Folk in Spirit I talk to she’s reunited with her husband and one of her sons who pre-deceased her and is doing well, thank you very much. I wonder why I cry like I do. When I know all is well. Maybe it’s because I know about the grieving folks left behind. And, how that can drag on for years. We went to Trader Vic’s afterwards for an exquisite lunch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to say anything of what I know to the family. They are a part of my “other” life. It isn’t for me to say anything anyway. People don’t like it when you suddenly spring on them that they can talk to dead people too. It’s got to be something that they go to on their own. Should they wander by my site or some other medium’s site they’ll find out.

When I got home I worked more on The Book. That’s how I’m thinking of it now. I need to come up with a title for it. My book of channeled readings. So, they’re all sorted out into 11 different chapters and the whole thing has been printed out again, this time on pink paper. The first printing was on yellow. Just to keep them separate. The next task will be to count the readings for each chapter and try to balance them out, though already I see a glaring hole. The channeling I did about animals isn’t even enough to fit one page. It occurred to me that I could move them over to the Right Company chapter and just rename that to Right Company & Friends or just Friends. Or, better yet, move the animals into the Love Chapter. I’ll have to mull it over.

Dennis isn’t feeling well at all. He was a real bear last night. He gets touchy that way when he’s not feeling good. I love him so. I don’t know that people say things like that in these blogs. A cross between your diary and a public soap box. But, for the record. I love my husband of 29 years and it pains me when he’s not feeling well. I’ll have to give him SPT today. That’s Sick Person’s Treatment. Just special treatment.

One of the things that goes on when you become a channel and a medium is that all is revealed. Not all the mysteries of life, but all the hokey things you’ve done that you’re not exactly proud of. You thought Santa Claus saw your every move? Guess what. He’s not alone. Anyway, I was thinking about some of my not so shining moments last night and I think I’ve forgiven myself. But, had I known every single blamed thing I ever did in my life would be noticed? I think I might have reconsidered doing a few of them. Anyway, for what it’s worth…for whoever is reading this…and takes it under consideration…every thought, every bad, nasty, embarrassing, wonderful, loving thought, action, intention you ever had or will have is noticed. I guess if you want to get technical it does get written into ye olde book of Akashic Records some place. The eye opener comes when you first become a medium and your guide wants to discuss some of it. I’m going to turn this over to one of the guides. I’ll put it in bold.

Our blessings. Poor, poor child. Move with new rhythms. More than you ever thought to see or feel. How difficult is it to open your heart to new. Must remember not victim. Can make informed choices. Can be responsible. Doesn’t matter water under the bridge. Ask for forgiveness it is there for you. Take initiative and move forward wherever your path goes. Meet whoever comes to you. Be polite. Our blessings.

Pauline back again. I don’t know who that was. It sounded different to me. Sort of truncated sentences. I’m going to sign off for now and go back to work on my book.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I came from a metaphysical background, so I can understand you.

God bless.