Sunday, January 01, 2006

Talking in Fingers

What I can almost be assured of with this blog is that not too many people read it. Yet, it provides me with an outlet that is valuable. I get to stand upon my soapbox and shout at times. I get to talk about things in what might be a rough manner, a first draft if you will. A way to lay out something I’m thinking about to somehow move it into a better format for a future publication.

What I want to talk about is as a psychic I talk in fingers. It isn’t something I have told many people about. It’s my own system. Others might think that it edges more toward possession. That’s why I don’t talk about it much. Why am I talking about it here? Because I’m thinking about the books I want to write. This is the year I’m going to be most productive. I hope. But, one of those books is going to be a manual on how to channel. And, an important part of it for me, an essential part of it for me personally is talking in fingers.

Here’s how it works: I have given Spirit permission to use my index fingers and my pinkie fingers to talk. My index finger rising up and tapping once means, “Yes”. My pinkie finger rising up and tapping once means, “No”. Simple.

Here’s how it evolved: When I first learned how to channel the very first contact I had with my guide was with the Ouija Board. It was thrilling. It was also very labor intensive. It takes a long time to spell out one word. Try stringing a bunch of them together to make a sentence. Try having a conversation. Luckily, that stage of my channeling didn’t last very long. Within 10 days of using the board I began to “hear” my guide’s voice. Actually, I began anticipating what he was going to be spelling out on the board. I’d have the sentence completed in my head before the planchette had finished moving about on the board.

That’s when I thought I’d gone crazy. On the heels of that thought my guide “said” to me without benefit of the board, “Go outside. I have something important to say to you.” I left the noisiness of my house to go stand out on our front porch and Seth said to me, “You can hear me now.”

However, I couldn’t hear real good. For a few days it was as though someone was standing behind me or beside me speaking. I’d turn and look for them. Seth would say short things. Almost as though he were trying to get my attention. And, if I was busy doing something else the “hearing” I was doing was diluted in some way. I just wasn’t getting the whole message. It was very much like I was sticking my fingers in and out of both ears quickly. You hear it and you don’t. Basically, it was aggravating.

I continued to use the Ouija Board because that was where I could hear better. It was like I was using a bicycle with training wheels on it. But, continuing to use a Ouija Board just ain’t convenient. Especially, if you’re out in public or at work. I had lettered out the alphabet on a piece of paper that I rolled up and stuck in my purse that I used when I was in the car, but even that was awkward. I certainly couldn’t drive and talk to Seth at the same time.

I was compelled to talk to my guide all the time. He had the most fascinating things to tell me and all I wanted to do was to listen to him all day long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that. I had a job to go to and stopping to unroll my homemade Ouija Board to have a chat with Seth just wasn’t an option. And, at that point my verbal hearing had begun to change into a more telepathic hearing. It was even more difficult for me to hear. I really had to stop and concentrate on what Seth was saying in order to hear and understand everything he was saying. I missed using the Ouija Board. Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Nope. Hence came talking in fingers. It was a crutch just like the Ouija Board was a crutch and a stage of learning. It occurred to me to wonder just who was moving the planchette about the Ouija Board. It sure wasn’t me. I’d spent over a year trying to get the thing to move. I knew I wasn’t doing it. Well, then who? Must be Seth. My hand was always on the planchette. It didn’t move by itself. Well, if in moving the planchette and my hand is on it, Seth must be moving my hand. Actually, by that time and in grabbing any spare moment to speak with Seth via the Ouija Board it wasn’t always easy to get the planchette going as fast as the understanding was coming to me. So, I pointed. With my finger. And, he moved my pointing finger about the board.

As I was able to hear better and better there would still be that odd few seconds here and there where I sort of lost the thread of him speaking. It was like trying to have one foot in my normal, everyday world and another, at the same time, in this invisible, psychic world. Very awkward. But, I’d get mad at myself and the anger and frustration would totally drown out and foul up the connection. To connect up again I’d have to be quiet and concentrate and try to trance out. Frustration was the watchword of my days then. Until, I asked Seth if he’d be willing to give me the confirmation of a quick Yes or No with my fingers. That settled my butt right down. Satisfied that I was understanding and hearing okay I relaxed.

To this day, 13 years later, I still talk in fingers. People will see me touch my upper chest, just below my throat where either my index finger will lift and tap or my pinkie will move. I use it as my Ouija Board in the absence of any other solid surface, though I will also just let my hand hang at my side where a quick tap of one or the other finger will give me that reassurance I need and can hear in an otherwise noisy existence. I have never explained to anyone why I do that, nor has anyone ever asked.

Where did it come from? It came from the location of the words, “Yes” and “No” on my Ouija Board. Yes is in the upper left corner and No is in the upper right corner. I am right handed. The index finger on my right hand would be nearest to the word, “Yes” on the board and my pinkie finger nearest to the word, “No”. I use both of my hands, though, mostly the right one is my hand of choice. In either case, moving the index finger is always Yes and moving the pinkie finger is always no. It's a kick when they move all of them like you're drumming all of your fingers. That either means, "Maybe" or "Whatever" or "Holy Shit" depending on what the conversation was about.

It’s actually a terrific system. Even now if I’m having a conversation with someone hearing Spirit is sort of hard. It’s like having two people talking to you at once. I can still get the gist of what Spirit has said. Like a really fast message. Caught and received. And, “Did I hear you correctly?” Yes, goes the index finger. Hey, it works.

What I’ve never learned if any other psychic does anything similar. I’ve never heard of it before, though, like me maybe they just haven’t spoken of it.

When I was learning how to channel it was sort of intimated that I would only be talking to Spirit at times I chose to speak with Spirit. Like I could come in for 10 minutes in the morning, another 15 at other times. I’m not like that. It was such a fascinating place for me to be. I’m connected 24/7 and have been for the last 13 years. It’s my life. It’s how I am. It was hard to learn. Took me a good year to get my stride with it, but I was able to hold down a job while I was learning. I’m still at the same company now.

Anyway, we’ve had fun with it. If you are in a good place, a safe place, a place where people won’t come and laugh or criticize you, you can also give Spirit permission to move through you and dance. Or sing. Or just talk. Somebody just suggested I let them do some jumping jacks. Ha. Like, yeah, that’s really going to happen. Ha. Spirit. Bunch of comedians this morning.

Next week we can talk about Talking Toes.

Happy New Year From All of Us.

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