Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I don’t want to do much of anything right now. I’m sitting here thinking I ought to be sitting in ye olde sitz bath. Dang hemorrhoids. Ouch. Then, I also need to be making Dennis a cup of tea. I could make me one too. I just need to relax. My back is killing me. Ouch again. I keep thinking about a hot buttered rum, except I don’t drink. Ouch. And, my butt hurts.

Okay, here’s something I thought of at work. You can refer to somebody who doesn’t know what they are talking about as being full of hot air. Except where did the hot air come from and wouldn’t that necessarily mean the guy has the farts? I proposed this theory to JZ this afternoon at work…she wouldn’t look at me. I think she might have been laughing. It actually makes a great deal of sense to me. I mean where did the saying come from anyway? Other than a hot air balloon and I can’t see that there’s any connection at all.

Okay…I’m going to go soak my psychic butt.

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