Wednesday, May 03, 2006

About Psychics

Psychics come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, certainly there are shyster psychics the same as there are shysters in other lines of work. There are also many loving, genergous and gifted psychics, but the business is not regulated. There isn’t a license to get, there’s no diploma that you can hang on the wall, there are no credentials that a person can point to and say, “Yes, I am a certified psychic.” I would imagine that there aren’t too many of us who actually make our livings as psychics. For instance, I am a secretary during the day. A weird one, granted, but I type like the wind. I pull on my psychic abilities at times and astound my co-workers. And, I’m fun at a party, or, I used to be fun. But, for serious? How are you supposed to know that the person is on the level and isn’t trying to bilk you out of your hard earned cash? Well, one thing to steer clear of, or at least be wary of, is if somebody wants you to pay them money to remove a curse. Another thing is if they tell you that you must come back to them for another appointment to further clarify matters since they aren’t getting a good connection from Spirit right then.

Something else to keep in mind is that being a psychic is like an art. Every person is going to interpret what they see psychically in terms of their own reality. Generally, when I see something negative happening I tend to think of it as a learning experience. Also, it matters how psychologically clear the psychic is. If the person is well balanced then the information they get will be pretty accurate. If they are slightly neurotic then their information is going to be slightly skewed.

If it were me looking for a psychic? I’d let my fingers do the walking (unless I’d gotten a recommendation from somebody I knew) and trust my higher self to arrange an interesting experience. It’s never failed me yet.

Also, be polite and don’t be afraid to shell out the money. I would count on spending anywhere from $50 to $75 for a reading. Any more than that for a first reading is probably too much, though prices have gone through the roof for many things lately. Also, no fair asking “freebie” questions. Many people say, “cough up the dough and we’ll talk.” And, I don’t blame them having been the recipient of a great many freebie questions myself. Enough of them and the person doesn’t need a reading anymore.

I am not doing readings now. If you’d like to stand in line you might ask politely at Spirit and Soul. Lots of nice people learning how to be psychics and many will do readings for free. I heartily recommend Barb Mallon for paid readings. I really enjoyed the reading she did for me.


atom girl said...

Someday I might get a reading from a psychic, since I do believe in such things.

I have always wondered about the gift itself. Is it something you can control? Did you have to learn the control? Did you spend time being bombared by spirits because you didn't know how to control it?

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi! In answer to your questions, control comes with experience and with being centered and psychologically balanced. And, yes, I was bombarded by spirits in the beginning. That's why, when folks are asking for pointers when they are learning I always suggest they have the intention that they are going to talk to their guide only while they get their sea legs.

With me the "gift" came to me full force when I was 35 years old, though I'd had inklings of it here and there while I was growing up and as a young adult. When I realized something was there I deliberately set out to learn about it.