Saturday, May 20, 2006

Do the Hokey Pokey

I realize this isn’t rocket science, but I’m trying this morning to approach a task from a different direction to see what will happen. What I want to do is work on next month’s newsletter. I’ve been sort of thinking about it for the past few days. Nothing real hard and sweaty, just in the back of my mind wondering what to write about and getting nowhere real fast. I could tell I was starting to grow a little anxious about it as the month of May draws to a close and I don’t have anything lined up for June. I even, last night, wondered if it would be this next newsletter that I am late with or if I skip a month for the first time. As I thought that I knew I couldn’t do it. I’ve made a commitment. It isn’t that hard. And, I don’t want any holes in my collection. So, that decided I was back on the road to Panic City.

I made a promise to a neighbor to help her with some graphics for a family reunion and that began to take on gargantuan proportions as I saw that meeting with her was going to take up a few of my most productive hours. Once again I’d set my sites on Panic City. I’d already spent 2 hours cleaning up the pictures and about an hour ago I sat down to finish the project. I burned it all to a CD and printed out the 8 pages for her. Granted, they weren’t in color, but I really don’t know if my color printer is going to work and I didn’t want to spend the time fooling with it. Hey, now it’s on a CD and she can give it over to the next person who will set it all on Tee-shirts. But, the main thing here is that my part of the project is done and it is in her hands now. So, I’m back here at the computer with the focus of my attention on this nagging problem of creating 3 articles and reviewing something, whether it is a book, a CD or a website.

But, this is where I want to do this experiment. Rather than pushing, than straining, then hammering out a product and moving on these waves of anxiety and anxiousness I want to do this all in a very calm, collected and joyous manner. Different than my normal approach.

Okay, so I suppose what I need to do is to see what my usual approach is. I know I work better with the headphones on. I know I don’t work well if I’m anxious. I really know I don’t work well if I’m in pain.

What I’d like to do is to dip down into psychicness to do this. If you figure that at any given point in time we are all mostly here with both feet on the ground. But, I’m supposed to be psychic. Okay, be psychic. Again, that sort of forces the issues and I know when I do that nothing happens. Okay, reach out for a little help. I’m good at asking Folk in Spirit for help. They’ve never failed me yet. Shit. They just said no. Okay, this is something for me to do.

When you read a book you lose yourself in the story. That is still considered acceptable behavior. Okay, so what I want to do is to lose myself for a little bit this morning in my articles.

Knowing that all I have to do is to relax and allow waves of creativity wash over me is a part of it. I turn the focus of my intention toward this. Normally I don’t go around in this Don Juan state of consciousness. Mary Summer Rain. Move me out. Seth, Jane. Thank you.

It turns to poison. I don’t want it to poison me. I am here in this world. I cannot go any other place. I must be here. There is pollution all around. Everywhere you go. The sodas you drink. The chemicals the preservatives. The gasoline we use, the exhaust. Now, I hear the trees crying. But, they are in the same boat we are. We live in it. We have adapted. We are able to flourish in the midst of a chemical dump. But, it isn’t just all the outside things. There are emotions that are there. There is pain. There is fear. There is anger. All of that affects us. But, still we flourish. Dang. How? If we didn’t have these things could we all of us live to be 145? How many of the terminal illnesses we get have come from our environment and how we react to our surroundings?

Okay…dipping psychically into the soup. Now, I’m hungry. Ha. Talk about not wanting to be here. What a hoot!

Okay, so maybe it’s like doing stretching exercises prior to a run. Not like I would know anything about that personally, but I’ve seen people do it. Like when you look at a picture upside down in order to draw it where normally you can’t draw your way out of a paper bag. Right, just use a different approach.

Okay, so, I suppose I could write about how to move into a psychic space. Except, I really don’t know how I do it. I guess it’s like being on a diet. Duh. You know you can’t eat a lot. That’s the number one rule. Okay, so what would the number one rule be for moving into a psychic space? Don’t be afraid comes to mind. I guess we can assume that’s a rule. Seeing as how the other thing you do is to honor those thoughts that come to you while you are in that space. You don’t just discount them out of hand.

So, two rules.
  1. Don’t be afraid.

  2. Honor the impressions that come your way.

What else? Sometimes these psychic impressions don’t make sense. And, I find myself mulling over them turning them this way and that trying to figure out what they mean. I like things better when they are very plain and matter-of-fact. But, I have to recognize that there are going to be messages, at times, that don’t make sense to me but will make sense to the person I am reading for. So, I suppose I ought to add something to rule 2 and said honor all the impressions that come your way no matter whether they mean anything to you or not.

  1. Don’t be afraid.

  2. Honor all impressions that come your way whether you understand them or not.

  3. Strive for clarity.

When you are anxious or hung up about something your stuff gets in the way of the psychic messages and impressions you receive. It all operates on the same principles of how you create your reality. Happy person? Happy life. Mad/Sad person? Mad/Sad life. You can’t really help but have emotional psychological crap to work through. Everybody mostly does, at least at some time or another. The trick, I guess, would be to sift through the psychic impressions you get like if you sift chaff from wheat…the chaff being the psychic impressions colored by your psychological raw spots and the wheat being whatever you or the folks you are reading for want to know about. So, I suppose what you could do is establish a few ground rules. You say to yourself: I’m never going to be telling folks they are going to die. Everybody is going to die anyway and I just don’t see things like that. What I do get are impressions of the person a few days before they die, but I never know it has anything to do with them until after the fact. I just can’t tell the difference between plain old thinking about somebody and it being the last time I’m going to think about them before they die sort of thing. I don’t think it matters anyway.

I also won’t tell them not to marry somebody. I might tell them to wait, but I’m not going to tell them not to do something. I don’t want that responsibility. It’s not for me to say anyway. So, when I see something horrid (and it happens) I tend to sort of gloss over it and say I either don’t understand, or haven’t gotten the info and wait for something else to come to me. Actually, I have no right to interfere with a person’s plans. It’s their life. These are their life paths and how they get there is their business. If it takes a few failed marriages to do it who am I to tell them to do it differently? The hard part is when I see that ultimately they are not going to be with this person they say they love dearly. Hey, maybe my crap got in the way. And, if it is true, it’s not my business. So, that’s when I tell them they’ve got learning experiences coming up. Great. What a cop out. Well, that explains why I haven’t quit my day job too. I just don’t like giving people bad news. I could style myself as The Good News Psychic. Phhhhpt.

So, it’s not like I’ve got any of my articles written, but maybe I can use those 3 rules to come up with something interesting. I’ve got to say that it was interesting writing all this stuff this morning. Okay…laundry and reconcile the neighbor’s checkbook and then I’ll be back for more.

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