Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Forgot

I’m pleased that I was finally able to figure out the sections problem of my book.  It only took 2 months….What it solved was having the right headers where I want them and with what I want them to say.  Then, I figured I needed to make an index which I’ve also never done before.  That was a little easier.  Ctrl F to find the word I want.  Then an alt – shift – x to mark it.  Then, to add Index to the Table of Contents I had to make sure that the word Index had the same heading as the other words for my chapters.  Why, I don’t know, but I did it.  Then, I highlighted what there was of the index (I’m up to joy) and then went to insert – research and table of contents.  

See, this isn’t primarily designed to bore the pants off of you.  It’s in case I need to do it again, because sure as God made little green apples I have also been terribly forgetful.  Sometimes it’s a good thing.  I told DeeDude last night that I can really save on buying books.  I’ll just read the same 6 ones all the remaining years of my life.  As soon as I pick one of them up to read I have no clue as to what is going to happen.  Pooof.  It’s gone.  So, it’s like reading it for the first time again.  The downside is it’s hard for me to remember how to do things with computer programs unless I do them fairly often and on a more or less regular basis.

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