Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Little Carrot Steps

Does doing little things create as much change in your life as doing a big thing would?  I know that when I think of some project I’m going to tackle thinking of the overall big picture and then all that is, or I think is, going to be required to accomplish the project is so flat-out overwhelming that 9 times out of 10 I’m going to delay doing it.  What comes to mind is dieting, but, actually any distasteful project would qualify here.

Maybe it’s all just a state of mind.  Maybe it’s how we look at something.  Maybe, just maybe, if instead of thinking that I’ve got to lose 100 pounds stop thinking along those lines and instead add something healthy to eat to my lunch.  Like a carrot.  Carrots are good for you.  Rabbits like them.  Bugs Bunny really liked them.  They’re supposed to be good for your eyes.  They can’t have that many calories.  And, they’re hard.  Which probably translates into some good fiber.  Okay, nutritional analysis of a carrot.

Well, here’s the link:  In the meantime, the only cautionary note would be if you eat too many of them your skin will turn yellow, but by then you will have lost a lot of weight.  So, don’t worry about it.  Lay off of them for awhile and I’m sure your skin will return to its proper hue.  

Here’s something else that’s good about carrots for a diet.  They keep your hands and your mouth busy.  That’s important.  I’m sure people who are already fit and trim will say things like, “Hey, exercise.  That’s all you need.”  Right.  I’m fat and you are not fat.  Besides, this is my article.  

Anyway, little steps.  This one step of including a carrot in the lunch I take to work is good.  It’s not depriving me of anything.  It’s not many calories.  It’s going to satisfy something if I want a snack or maybe I’ll just have it be a part of my lunch.  Good thing I’m not a sex maniac or this article would have taken an entirely different track.

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