Saturday, May 13, 2006


Three times I’ve made the attempt to write an article for a newsletter. Rather than 3 failed attempts maybe I should be thinking of them as preparation to work. Maybe I could be thinking of the body of work I did this morning and deleted as being the part of the iceberg that is underwater. We won’t talk about how they are melting right now.

Okay, I know what I can talk about: Worry. Make that WORRY, Dear. Okay, it does loom large. You want to be a part of this? Certainly. If you’ll have us. Of course. I love it when you volunteer to talk. Well, seeing as how you’re having a bit of a difficult time of it we are pleased to help.

Why do people worry? What is worry related to? It stems from fear. Where does fear come from if you are an adult and you have the ability to make rational, logical choices? Why would you worry? It seems to be baseless.

Revisit your childhood to see why you might be worrying. Experience, again, in your mind’s eye the fears you experienced then. You needn’t spend hours on the project. Take 10 minutes out of your weekend. Move slowly backwards through the years. Put your mind in reverse and remember what you were doing half an hour ago. Just for a few seconds. Then, think of what you did yesterday morning. Just one scene. Say, as you prepared your lunch. Now, think back to last weekend. Pick one little scene to look at.

Move back one year. Something that happened a year ago. Allow your mind to select the event. If it happened that it was 2 years ago, fine. You’ll be moving backwards faster. Move back in time to when you were in high school or college. Again, let your mind select the vision you are to see. Move back in time to when you were in grade school. Now, trust and the next step will take you to where you need to be to experience fear and worry for one of the first times of your life.

Think of who it is who was there with you. See the responsible person who should have shielded you and who did not. They probably did not do this deliberately. They were acting in the only way they knew how to act. It might even bring a smile to your face. If you can, while you are “seeing” this, let the person know, as a child might do, that you do not appreciate this, do it. That is the important thing. Tell them no, whack their foot with a toy, holler to lift the roof, whatever it takes for you to express yourself as a child. And, when you open your eyes easily you feel a lightness of spirit that will be a good thing.

I remembered my mother being horrified that we would get wet in the rain. Who cares? I remember the first day I lifted my face to the rain and deliberately allowed myself to get wet. It was such a wonderful feeling. I was 35 years old at the time.

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