Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Would You Do?

Okay. You want to increase readership. And, you start thinking about the kinds of things that people post on their blogs. At least, you’re thinking about the stuff that gets read a lot. And, you’ve got some options: Bad News and its opposing force Good News. Also, you’ve got Boring News and Non-News. I suppose the stuff I write about would come under the heading of Non-News.

I don’t address current issues, so it’s not news, is it? If that is true, then what I do here isn’t even Non-News. What is it I do in this blog?

It’s more along the lines of a journal, I suppose. Nothing wrong with journals, but you’re supposed to talk about really private stuff in journals. And, I don’t here. Okay, I do get close to the mark with occasional reports of hemorrhoids and things like that. But, there are things I don’t talk about, much anyway. Like where I work. I don’t talk about the folks I work with. Not that they aren’t an interesting bunch of people. They’re actually a hoot. But, I wouldn’t want to embarrass them if one of them happened to see themselves in print. So, work-place things are not discussed here. With the exception of every once in awhile when I’m acting like a bear or Spirit intervenes to save my butt from a fiery work mistake.

Now, I will relate work related dreams occasionally. Like this morning’s dream on how I hung up on a customer who was there to complain and I couldn’t understand him. He had some sort of speech impediment and was also trying to carry on a conversation with people while he was on the phone with me. I hung up on him figuring that he’d call back when he was less distracted. But, I was also hot. I suppose the goal would be to not get hot. I really was hot…physically hot. I’d gone back to bed a couple of hours earlier to catch a lovely Saturday morning go back to bed because I don’t have to go to work snooze. Also, my feet were freezing so I turned the heating pad on high and put it down at the bottom of the bed for my frozen tootsies. Voila. I got hot in a dream. And, not a sexy hot either. Mad hot.

Okay, so how to smooth through life, enjoying yourself and not allowing events and people to get you hot? The answer was in the dream. Hang up on the guy and he’ll call back later. Maybe. The other solution was to stay on the line waiting for him to clarify his position and make his complaint. Meanwhile I have to suffer through his shit. I suppose another option would be to stay on the line and not suffer through his shit but to do a crossword puzzle or something to keep myself amused. Or, just fire up the computer and do some surfing. So, there are 3 different possible solutions to an angry customer. Actually, there is a fourth solution. Stay on the line with the guy, have an incredible amount of patience, figure out what his beef is and try to solve it.

What would you do?

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