Friday, March 09, 2007

The Check is in the Mail

Here’s a funny one. The other day I called a company up asking where our money was. They hadn’t paid for 3 invoices and, though we don’t do a huge amount of business with them they have been our customers for many years. So, I didn’t want to have “that tone” with them. It was just a friendly call to see if maybe somebody had been sick or the statement had gotten misplaced somewhere along the line and could I fax or send them another one. That’s all. The lady tells me, “The checks were written just yesterday.” I said to her, “If I’d drawn upon my awesome psychic abilities I would not have called you.” She laughed and I laughed. Right. So, why did I call her if the check had really just been written?

If I take everything for truth and she wasn’t just saying the check had been written maybe calling her prevented that check from sitting on somebody’s desk for 2 weeks before it got mailed out. If I figure that everything we do has purpose maybe that was the purpose of the call. Or, maybe it was just that if they heard a friendly voice from our company that they might think twice about calling up the competition to do the job next time and call us instead?

I don’t know why. But, somehow the whole thing didn’t feel like one of those random things that happen. It felt to me that the interaction I had held some sort of purpose.

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