Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Psychic Reading with Shirley

I'm having a psychic reading today with Shirley Scott who in addition to being a psychic is also an animal communicator. I found her on the web last night while I was surfing around. If pics are needed here's Captain Jack and me. I wanted to ask her about Captain Jack who is very sick and won't let us touch him because he is feral.
Later in the day: My reading with Shirley was absolutely fabulous. If anybody out there is thinking about having a psychic reading done and if they also have concerns or questions about their animals this is the lady to get in touch with.
Shirley said that Captain Jack came to us to either retire or die. She said that our cats were attracted to the energy in our house. She said animals are often attracted to the energy around psychics. Shirley said that Captain Jack had been invited by another in our household and I immediately thought of Sheba who had come in a few months before he did. The both of them hang around together all day, so that made sense that they knew each other before and Sheba had extended the invitation to him. It's happened before that same way with other cats we've had. Old Oscar also retired at our house and it wasn't too long after he'd made himself comfortable that Gertie showed up who stuck to him like glue for a long time.
She gave me some pointers on how to talk to the animals. I think that's another reason why we were supposed to connect today. It was time for me to have another teacher. It's interesting how things like that happen. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. In any case, I highly recommend Shirley as a psychic to visit.


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry, thanks! Love to your cats and peace. There is something so beautiful about the animals that find us and I guess it is similar to how people in spirit find us.


Donna said...

Poor Captain Jack...sending lots of love and healing to him...and lots of love to you..have a peaceful evening sweetheart!!hugs

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