Thursday, February 09, 2006


One of my favorite magazines is, “Cook’s Illustrated”. It’s the folks from, “America’s Test Kitchens” on tv. I enjoy the show and I really like the magazine. Especially, an editorial that Christopher Kimball writes for every issue that has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the magazine. Though it might, at times, be food oriented, mostly they are brief reminiscences pointing out the characters of the people he lives with and grew up with. I suppose it’s sort of like a blog where you can get into the person’s head and heart for a minute or two.

For me, reading people’s blogs is a way to be close to them and yet, not be close. You don’t have to get dressed up. You don’t have to go anywhere. You just read their blogs.

Though psychic occurrences in my life are the primary thrust of this blog I make comment about anything and everything that touches my life. Mainly what I want to get across to anybody who happens along to read my entries is that everyone is psychic. And, it’s nothing to be afraid of. And, sometimes it sort of gets a jump on you where you’ll suddenly start hearing things or having odd waking/sleeping dreams or it happens in so gradual a fashion that you really don’t even notice anything odd happening. But, it can also be developed.

Lately, my neighbor saw an episode of Montel Williams show where Sylvia Browne, who is a regular on the show, was there. Someone (could it have been Steve Brooks?) bent spoons. The only guy I know of who is into spoon bending is Uri Geller. I printed up a little bit for Phil to look at, though I don’t know if he is inclined to read it. I think he’d be more impressed if I could just bend a spoon for him. Actually, there are a few pieces of silverware in the drawer that aren’t my all time favorites I wouldn’t mind practicing on.

And, so, I tried. The only thing that came to me quickly about doing it was that the metal was going to get hot. That’s all. Nothing else happened. So, I suppose I could practice (away from my computer…we don’t want that to melt down!) a bit just to see what it would feel like. I once tried to channel a plastic lawn chair. Very weird. I suppose bending a spoon might be the same sort of experience for a channel to try.

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Denny said...

HI Pauline...
I got here via Deni's blog. Very interesting place you have! But I will be back often, if I can... in the meantime, please drop by my place and give a shout! Or channel good thoughts to me. ;)