Sunday, February 12, 2006

Channeling Anniversary

Today is a big day for me.  Thirteen years ago today I began channeling on the Oujia Board.

I don’t know if anybody would know but the number 222 is what I like to term, “My Number”.  It’s not mine exclusively, of course, but, it is the number that began to show up on a frequent basis as I began to get psychic and as I turned my attention toward the idea that I wanted to get closer to Spirit.  How to do that, at the time I didn’t really know, but it was something I wanted.  It began as I OD’d reading Stephen King’s books.  I’d shied away from reading his books all my life.  I didn’t know why other than he was scary.  If a movie he’d made came to the silver screen or was being broadcast on TV I wouldn’t watch it.  Just flat out no.  I wouldn’t get involved.  Too scary.

So, it was interesting that one Friday, shortly before I was going to be quitting my job (due to the fact that I’d finished my novel and was now a writer…ha), I walked into the library with the only requirement being I wanted a fat book.  I had no preferences as to romance, or mystery, or biography.  Just a fat book.  And, in the new book section there was, “The Stand”, by Stephen King.  It’s a really fat book.  Took the man 12 years to write.  I glanced at the fly leaf and snatched it up.  Mine.  I read it in 3 days.  Since then I’ve read it 4 or 5 times.  Terrific book.  But, reading that book put an end to the idea that everything Stephen King wrote was scary.  Well, as a grown up I could handle it.  And, he does write some scary stuff.  But, he is also a terrific writer.  God, but I love what he does to his characters.  His characters are everyday people like you and me.  

So, I eventually quit my job and the first thing that happened was I got sick.  Bad cold.  Really bad summer cold.  I slept whenever I could which ended up mostly during the day.  Snorting and coughing kept my husband up, so I ended up camped out in the living room on the couch.  After watching all the day time TV I’d missed during all the years I’d worked I got restless.  I was still sick.  I didn’t feel like writing.  But, I did feel like reading.  So, I hauled myself onto a bus, tried not to breathe on anybody and went to the library.  I picked out 35 pounds of Stephen King’s books.  A week later I was back for another load.  I OD’d on his books and the first thing that started happening was that I saw the number 222 everywhere.  

Now, that was scary.  I called my sister, Betsy, to tell her about it.  The next day she called me back to say that she’d been in her bank’s parking lot, looked up and saw the rotating weather/time sign displaying the time: 2:22.  It was contagious.

On the microwave, at the store, any clock you can think of, writing checks, page numbers…I still, to this day, am able to pause as I get to page 222 to chuckle and say, “Oh, okay.”

In those days, though, it was alarming.  I began to investigate.  Turns out some folk think seeing 222 is a sign of spiritual awakening.  Okay.  It was sort of where I thought I was going.  I wasn’t really sure.  I was yearning.  I knew that.  There was this nagging, empty feeling.  Don’t get me wrong, my husband was totally loving and still is.  I wasn’t missing anything there.  I was just sort of not all there.  I suppose there’s a better way to phrase that.  

Anyway, a year and a half passed as I spent time journaling, reading and trying to meditate.  The lady they’d hired on to take my place at work quit and they asked me to come back in again for a short time just to train somebody new.  I’ve been there ever since.  My circumstances had changed.  I wasn’t bringing any money in to the family as a writer.  I was journaling and not writing.  I was healing.  And, I was learning how to channel.  So, I went back to work.  And, three months later on February 12, 1993 I started channeling.  A week and a half after that I started channeling the way I do now; sort of telepathically.  It took me awhile to realize that a week and a half is 10 days and that would put the date at 2/22.  So, the number took on more significance for me.

Anyway, today is the anniversary date of the day I learned to channel on the Ouija board and 10 days later on 2/22 I began channeling telepathically.  

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Anonymous said...

great to hear the details of the story. thanks! you ARE a writer even though you work like all of us ordinary people!