Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hard Work

I wonder sometimes at the worth of things The harder it was to accomplish the greater the sense of accomplishment.  Why does doing something the hard way make it any better than having done it the easy way?  Where did that come from?  Some sort of ethic of hard work?

And, yet I don’t think that everything should be handed to me on a silver platter.  I understand that I need to go to work to pay our bills.  I understand and accept that.  I’d prefer to be home writing or fiddeling with my websites, but that doesn’t bring in a regular paycheck and bills being what they are I need my job.

I think of people I have known who had a sense of entitlement and who thought things should come easy to them.  What seemed to come easy was the art of whining.  And, I listened to them.  And, eventually I wondered how I could extricate myself from the web they wove.  There I was trapped listening to them whining.  Occasionally, I would make suggestions as to how they might achieve some measure of happiness, but for the most part whatever I said would be met with hostility and derision.  And, the person would return immediately to their whining.  I don’t feel that I was able to help them in any way, but I also felt compelled to continue to offer support.

Now, knock wood, I don’t seem to be caught in situations like that.  I hope I can see them coming.  I offer a little bit and leave.  I don’t linger any longer. Part of that is my being a hermit.  But, part of that, too, is not wanting to tie up so much of my energy in somebody else’s drama.  

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xianfu said...

I like the opening post.. Hmmm, I like the sense of achievement after a hard work.. Same when Im playing chess...You feel better if you struggle in the game and won!!! btw, what da ya mean by ordinanry psychic?