Sunday, February 12, 2006

Traffic Exchange Sites

I have two traffic exchanges that I belong to. The very first two that I ever investigated and upon a short reflection, signed up for. With both I have been 100% pleased. Blog Clicker and Blog Explosion. Both have been terrific. For the most part, I see quality sites displayed on both of them. Every once in awhile somebody throws me a curve, but I can handle it. You just move on.

I figured to see if there were any other traffic exchange sites out there. I’ve just spent the last hour slogging through 2 of them. Had to sign up. No free peeks. And, endure. I mean endure, one advertising site after another advertising site like you wouldn’t believe. It was absolute crap. I deleted the accounts quickly.

I see now that I and the other members of Blog Explosion and Blog Clicker are really fortunate. We get to visit nice sites and we get nice folks to come see our sites.

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Marie said...

Have you tried Blog Advance?