Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Truth or Dare

There are all sorts of degrees of interaction with Folks in Spirit.  Many times, though, I see people (and I’m probably guilty of this myself) demanding that Spirit act how they want them to act.  Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.  

For example, your expectations of something generally dictate the outcome to some degree or another.  You expect to succeed and much of the time you do.  You expect to fail and many times you do.

We have a sort of unspoken rule.  God won’t lie to us.  It just doesn’t happen.  He’s the boss.  By extension many people think by talking to Folk in Spirit they also won’t lie to us.  Hmmmm.  I don’t know where this rule came from, but many people believe it.  

On the one hand, people think any contact from other invisible realms is from the spirits of departed humans, ghosts mostly.  And, the expectation is sometimes that these ghosts are mischievous and will sometimes do wicked things.  Or, that they are yearning to tell us something if only we could understand.  On the other hand are the Guides, who (in my book anyway) are also Folk in Spirit.  They may or may not have been incarnated…some lots…some not so much…some a long time ago.  It’s all sort of different.  The prevailing thought is that these Guides in Spirit don’t lie to us, have our “best” interests at heart, and things along those lines.  I put “best” interests in quotes because many times best equals good and fortunate to us.  Not always the case.  Sometimes difficult and heartbreaking is the best possible outcome and best way to learn your lessons.

I think the best rule of all to follow is the one you’ve been living with forever and have the most experience with.  It’s the one where you either consciously or unconsciously create your own reality.  

All I’m saying is that people who are disappointed in how their interactions with Spirit are going should look to themselves for the answer rather than trying to figure out what’s wrong with Spirit.  Spirit will, many times, echo our own thoughts and feelings, holding to our own cultural mores.  Think of how Spirit is going to act with a kid.  Spirit isn’t going to start talking about really technical and complicated theories.  Spirit is going to swing with the kid on the playground.  

So, if you’re into the Great White Brotherhood…so are your Buds in Spirit.  If you’re into scary ghosts…so are your Buds in Spirit.  If you’ve got a Christian background your Guides will echo those thoughts.  If you’re into self denial your Guides aren’t necessarily going to call you on it.

Their teaching methods are interesting, actually.  I bought into the whole nine yards in my early years of contact with Spirit.  Thought I could save the world.  Thought I could be important.  Gradually, they sort of burst my bubble.  It was embarrassing at the time.  I’m not embarrassed by it now and hope by telling my story to save others their own embarrassing moments.  Though, maybe that isn’t necessary either.  

I guess what I’m saying is don’t get all bent out of shape by the messages you receive from Spirit.  If Spirit says the world is going to end in the next 3 months, please, please, don’t sell your house.  If anything, get some more insurance, but don’t make any major moves.  Listen to what is said and make your own decisions.  Maybe, if the message was that the world was going to end you could ask yourself why you thought this was a really important message for you to know about.  Maybe you’ve got some issues and in your heart you’re frightened about something.  You could look into that.

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